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Ecom Computers published a newspaper advertisement in the Icon section of the SMH on 27 May 2000 which stated that customers could "Beat the GST" in relation to computer packages. The Commission was concerned that the representations may have misled customers into buying computer packages on the belief that the price of computer packages would rise following the introduction of the GST.
Mr Clegg, and his company Geoff Clegg Enterprises P/L (formerly Watergear Distributors P/L), are respondents in a matter that was instituted by the Commission in the Brisbane Federal Court on 13 July 1999.
A customer of Advanced Hair Studios store alleged that a staff member represented that the prices of hair replacement units would increase by 10% as of 1 July 2000 because of the new tax system.
Liam Benjamin Moore is the Director of Moore Talk Communications Pty Ltd (trading as MT Marketing). MT Marketing promoted mobile phone and access plan packages by way of telemarketing activities across Australia.