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Price fixing arrangement in relation to bricks. Undertakings given to develop and implement an internal trade practices compliance program, to remain in force for three years.
Tyco Australia Pty Ltd, trading as ADT Security (ADT) has failed to perform all of its contracts with residential customers requiring annual maintenance services of the residential customers' security systems.
In May 2002 Kirin Direct Marketing Pty Ltd sent customers who had taken the model kit series Building the Bounty a letter indicating that if they did not wish to receive a new model kit series, Building the Cutty Sark, they should return the form opting out of the new series.
Hill End Recreational Park Pty Ltd was incorporated on 15 September 2003. The Director/Secretary of the company was Brendon Davenport until 10 December 2003 and from that date forward Michael Braithwaite.