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HPM Industries Ptd Limited sells throughout Australia a wide range of over 13,000 separate items of electrical equipment, including fluorescent tube starter units. HPM's DF40, 40-watt fluorescent starter unit ("the DF40 starter unit") was for many years manufactured in Australia but all such units presently supplied in Australia are imported from India.
Bikes Direct is an importer and Internet retailer of bicycles. It displayed its range of bicycles on its website and made disclaimers about relying on the accuracy of this information. There were also disclaimers about the extent of warranties offered.
Golden Sun conducts the business of importer which involves the importation, amongst other things, of automotive tools and equipment. In 2001 Golden Sun imported into Australia one hundred and fifty hydraulic trolley jacks with a nominated 2 1/4 ton(equivalent to 2250 kg) lifting capacity.
Axxess Australia Pty Ltd and Benchmark Sales Pty Ltd operate as agents for various telecommunication service providers for the provision and sale of telecommunications services to customers and potential customers throughout Australia.