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FD LSS Chime/Telstra

7 April 2010

FD LSS Agile/Telstra

7 April 2010

On 28 January 2010, the ACCC decided not to object to the proposed price by Airservices Australia for a terminal navigation service provided to aircraft landing at Avalon aerodrome.

ID WLR Chime/Telstra

8 July 2009

ID LCS Telstra/Digiplus

8 January 2009

ID WLR Digiplus/Telstra

8 January 2009

ID ULLS Amcom/Telstra

7 January 2009

On 18 July 2008 Australia Post lodged a locality notice under subsection 95Z(5) of the Trade Practices Act 1974. This locality notice proposed increases in prices of Australia Post's reserved letter services.