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Since 1997 Danoz Direct Pty Ltd, Danoz Directions Pty Ltd and Emjoi Australasia Pty Ltd ("Danoz") promoted and sold pest repellent devices branded Pest Contro and Pest Offense in Australia. These devices plug into a power point and allegedly repel cockroaches, rats, mice and other household pests.
Replaced by undertaking dated 1st Aug, 2006 which has been replaced by undertaking dated 4th Oct, 2006 The undertaking requires AGL and GEAC to provide information to the ACCC concerning hedges, derivative transactions and power purchase agreements
The Warehouse Group (Australia) Pty Ltd (formerly Colonel Clints Crazy Bargain Stores Pty Ltd) offered the following Variation to the original Undertaking accepted by the Commission on 29 November 2000.
The Advanced Medical Institute Pty Limited undertakes to provide refunds to patients identified in the Federal Court Order in circumstances where the treatment for male impotency is not effective.
GO Drew Pty Ltd (the Company) has provided a section 87B Undertaking to the ACCC in relation to the use of a logo similar to the National Heart Foundation registered Smart Foods Tick Logo appearing on the labelling of two varieties of egg products supplied by the Company.
Lawson's Trading Co. Pty Ltd (ACN 075 570 259) ("Lawson's Trading") is the manufacturer and distributor of machinery, chemicals, and know-how related to the application of specialised, solvent-free sprayed polyurethane protective coatings known as 'Armour Linings'.