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Following ongoing concerns by the ACCC regarding the performance of Auspoly's polyester insulation batts, the ACCC has accepted a variation to Auspoly's original section 87B undertaking in order to address those concerns.
Bevco Pty Ltd has used the term “100% Australian Made and Owned” on labels for its Bevco and Macquarie Valley brand juice products. In fact, some of these products contained 99.9% imported reconstituted juice.
The sixth variation to the undertakings given by Toll Holdings Ltd to the ACCC on 11 March 2006. The sixth variation amends the Toll undertakings to ensure that the transfer of the Victorian below rail assets to the State of Victoria from Pacific National does not result in a breach of the Toll undertakings.
JV Mobile provides licences to JV Mobile retailers to own and operate stores using the name ‘JV Mobile’ in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane. JV Mobile Retailers supply mobile phone airtime and retail mobile phones and accessories purchased through JV Mobile.
On 18 April 2007 the ACCC accepted the undertaking of Mr Paul Little, a director of Toll Holdings Ltd and/or its related bodies corporate. Under the undertaking Mr Paul Little agrees to sell down any interest he has in Asciano Limited and thereafter maintain his independence from Asciano.