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Tasman Sheepskin Tannery Pty Ltd (TST) is a manufacturer and supplier of medical sheepskins used as bed or chair underlays in order to distribute and relieve pressure so as to prevent the onset of pressure sores in immobile patients.
AFWM Pty Ltd trading as Cosmetics Plus (Cosmetics Plus) is a retailer of sunglasses and fashion spectacles which it retails throughout Australia. Cosmetics Plus retailed a number of sunglasses and fashion spectacles which it admitted did not comply with the labelling requirements of the mandatory product safety standard.
iSelect Health Pty Ltd recommends health insurance policies to the Australian public via an online search engine on its website as well as through its call centre. It can arrange for consumers to purchase a policy which it recommends. iSelect receives commissions from insurance companies in respect of the policies that it arranges for consumers to purchase.