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Jayco Corporation Pty Ltd has provided a section 87B undertaking to the ACCC in respect of caravan jacks, supplied both with new Jayco Caravans and as an after market item, that did not comply with the mandatory safety standard.
The Consortium (Alinta Limited, Alcoa of Australia Limited and Diversified Utility and Energy Trusts No 1 and No 2) proposed to acquire the Dampier to Bunbury natural gas pipeline (DBNGP). The ACCC expressed concerns at the competitive effects of the proposed acquisition, particularly in electricity generation and gas retailing in Western Australia.
During 2003 South Pacific Industrial Pty Ltd represented that its Breeze 700H boat winch was made in Australia, whereas the winch was only assembled in Australia from imported parts.
The ACCC has accepted court enforceable undertakings from Sherpa Outdoor Equipment Pty Limited about the labelling of its ‘Sherpa’ brand thermal underwear garments (the 2004 Undertaking).