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Scotty's is a franchisor of a pet food distribution service.
Hagemeyer Brands Australia Pty Limited trading as Hagemeyer Appliances (Hagemeyer), importer and distributor of Dimplex air conditioning products has admitted to making statements that particular Dimplex air conditioning products were "environmentally friendly" when this is not correct.
Purax Feather Holdings Pty Ltd (Purax), supplier of 'Puradown' and 'White Eider' brand quilts, has acknowledged that the 100% down content claims it made for its quilts were false and liable to mislead consumers and may contravene the TPA.
The ACCC accepted the court-enforceable undertaking from Asia Source Australia Pty Ltd to stop the supply of elastic luggage straps with warning labels that failed the mandatory product safety standard.
Mr Tsvetnenko trades under the name Mobile Adverts and carries on the business of operating adult entertainment chat services using mobile phone short messaging services (SMS).
Third variation to the undertakings given by Toll Holdings Ltd to the ACCC on 11 March 2006. Note that the references in this variation to 'confidential information' are to confidential information in the original Undertakings, and are not to be taken as removing the confidentiality of that information in those Undertakings.
Brand Direct imported Maui branded swimming aid vests (the vests) which did not comply with the mandatory consumer product safety standard, AS 1900-1991 Flotation toys and swimming aids for children (the Standard) in that the intended body mass range was not marked on the vest and the warning was not in a colour contrasting with the background.
Sleepmaster Pty Ltd has acknowledged that the 100% goose down content claims it made for its 'Jason' brand down quilts, and the 100% cotton content claims it made for its 'Onkaparinga' brand cotton quilts, may have been false and misleading to consumers and may contravene the TPA.
The undertaking requires AGL and GEAC to provide information to the ACCC concerning hedges, derivative transactions and power purchase agreements. This undertaking replaces the s. 87B undertaking of 1 August, 2006, which itself replaced the s.
In November and December 2001 agents of Cleanaway visited customers in Rockhampton stating that the purpose was to gauge satisfaction with the service, update customer details and inspect the site.