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s50 joint venture agreement
Conduct engaged in by Northaust to lessen competition by reaching understandings with each of its competitors in the car rental market, that it was not to offer certain customers any offer which was cheaper than its own.
False and misleading advertising in relation to a Free digital mobile phone. The advertisement did not disclose the additional costs consumers must meet to accept offer.
As part of a promotion Foxtel distributed an advertisement in the form of a special offer known as the "Braveheart Promotion". The advertisement was false and misleading.
Fosseys purported to fix the price of soft drinks being sold from a licensee. Fosseys attempted to fix the price at the same price at which Fosseys sold drinks.
Misled consumers regarding the benefits that can be obtained from consuming Meadow Lea Products and the conclusiveness of scientific research and the qualities of certain products such as Gold'n Canola.
Proposed acquisition of News Research and Monitoring Perth Media by Media Monitors WA may have substantially lessened competition in the market for media services.
Promotion of a trading scheme whereby a payment is made by a participant in the scheme to Destiny Telecomm and the inducement in making the payment is the holding out of the prospect of receiving payments from other participants induced into the scheme.
DRT entered into ant-competitive arrangements between it and its members, it took advantage of its substantial market power for the purpose of deterring or preventing its competitors from entering the taxi network services market and attempted to induce its members to require lessees to acquire taxi network services as a condition of their lease.
Misleading or deceptive conduct in regard to the existence, exclusion or effect of a right or remedy. Attempted limiting of the statutory rights of consumers by advertising a "no refunds" policy. Undertakings to refrain from such conduct, employ corrective advertising and instruct staff on relevant provisions of the Trade Practices Act.