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The ACCC investigated a complaint that LMC Pacific Pty Ltd had engaged in resale price maintenance in relation to the termination of supply of Cartier brand products to a retailer. An Undertaking was accepted by the Commission where LMC Pacific and it's managing director, Mr Gilles Haumont, agreed not to engage in conduct which constitutes resale price maintenance.
Ferry Real Estate (Qld) Pty Ltd, Ferry Property Management Pty Ltd and Castorina Investments Pty Ltd at the relevant times traded as Ferry Real Estate (Townsville). Ferry provides real estate agency and property management services in and around Townsville and manages in excess of 1000 residential properties.
Colonel Clints Crazy Bargain Stores Pty Ltd is incorporated in the state of New South Wales and its principal activities include the supply of goods by retail to consumers in Australia through a chain of gift ware and novelty item stores in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory.
Spotlight Promotions Pty Limited has provided a section 87B undertaking to the ACCC in respect of the supply of sunglasses which do not comply with the mandatory Standard. A consumer product safety recall of the sunglasses with an offer of refunds was undertaken following an approach by the ACCC.
The parties were involved in litigation by the ACCC relating to price-fixing and market sharing conduct in the Queensland Fire Protection industry in breach of sections 45(2)(a)(ii) and 45(2)(b)(ii) of the Act.
ZG Pty Ltd agrees to: cease supplying "Macho" 2000kg trolley jacks; either destroy or have retested at a lower capacity all jacks recalled; provide an independent auditor's report of the recall; and implement a compliance program.