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Megatoy Play Systems is a company, which engages in the manufacture and sale of playground equipment. In October 1997, the Commission became aware of allegations that Megatoy and Moduplay were involved in an anti-competitive agreement pursuant to which both companies would refuse to compete with each other for the supply of playground equipment in NSW.
Kenman is a manufacturer and wholesaler of confectionary. Taking effect from 1 December 1997, Kenman was acquired by Effem Foods Pty Ltd. Prior to the acquisition, Kenman distributed its products in packaging marked "Australian Made.
Harris DE Pty Limited distributes and sells coffee in Australia under various brands, including the Moccona brand. From 1 July 1997 until 31 December 1997, Harris ran a promotion in supermarkets for Moccona coffee.
Darling Downs Bacon Co-operative Association Limited (DDB) caused the publication of a newspaper advertisement and the broadcasting of a television advertisement in which it was represented that one of DDBs brand name products, KR Darling Downs products, were made from 100% Australian Pork.
The ACCC commenced certain proceedings in relation to certain activities of the MUA and others. Arrangements were entered into between the ACCC and the MUA to resolve the proceedings. As part of these arrangements, Patrick agreed to make certain payments to compensate persons affected by the activities.
Yakka is a supplier and manufacturer of clothing. In conjunction with Isuzu-General Motors Australia, Yakka engaged in a joint promotion whereby purchasers of Holden Rodeo vehicles would receive $300 worth of Yakka clothing.
A Dealer Programme was implemented by Kong under which retailers supplied by Kong would promote Hydor products. It was a condition that retailers observe set minimum prices in relation to certain of these products.
The Commission alleged that Pepsi Co participated in conduct that potentially breached ss50 & 50A. Pepsi co & FLA undertake not to supply and to ensure that none of its subsidiaries or controlled entities supplies, generic or private label salty snackfood products to a grocery retailer in Aust for 2 years from the completion of the sale agreement.
The Part A Competition notice dated 10 August 1998 (in force 30 September 1998) was revoked by notice issued on 14 October 1998. A further Part A Competition notice was issued on 14 October 1998 (in force 14 October 1998).
The Commission alleged that Nissan had made false or misleading representations in advertising as to the (a) price; (b) style or model of patrol RX Turbo Diesel motor vehicles contrary to ss 53(e) and 53(a).