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Jayco Corporation Pty Ltd (Jayco) is a manufacturer of caravans. Between July and September 2007 Jayco supplied certain vehicle jacks with its caravans (the jacks) that were not marked with their nominated capacity and which included the statement; 'Complies with AS/NZS 2693:2007'.
Jeune International Pty Ltd has admitted to improperly using the Australian Made Campaign Limited (AMCL) "Australia Made" logo in the supply of cosmetic products to retail outlets throughout Australia and overseas, without obtaining certification from the AMCL do so.
Sleep City Holdings Limited, an importer and retailer of bedroom furniture, has acknowledged engaging in conduct that contravened section 65C of the Trade Practices Act by selling the 'Jessie' (in single and study form), 'London' and 'Trio' models of bunk beds which contravened the mandatory product safety standard.
Fantastic Furniture Pty Ltd, an importer and retailer of bedroom furniture, has acknowledged that it has contravened s65C of the Trade Practices Act due to its product, the 'Mikki high sleeper' bunk bed, not meeting the requirements of the mandatory standard for bunk beds.
Autobarn is primarily a retailer of automotive tools, machinery and equipment nationwide. Between 8 and 24 December 2007, Autobarn retailed the AL6000 Lite personal digital breathalyser in its stores nationally.
Look Direct International Pty Ltd supplies gift products, including cosmetic products, to retail outlets throughout Australia. In July 2008, as part of marketplace monitoring, ACCC staff purchased a Look Direct International product from an Australia The Gift retail outlet located in Perth described on its packaging as “Tattoo Gel Pens 6 Pack”.
Cosmetics Standard, Australia The Gift has acknowledged that the product breached the mandatory information standard for cosmetics and therefore contravened section 65D of the Trade Practices Act 1974.