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AAPT engaged in extensive promotion of its Smartchat Rates, but did not disclose that the rates the subject of the advertisement depended on the time the call was made (off peak, peak, economy etc), the limitations on the offer, and that customers must preselect AAPT to take advantage of their call rates.
CSR and Mackay joint venture for purchasing, refining, storage and distribution of refined sugar in Australia and for export.
Westpac proposal to acquire ownership of BML pursuant to three schemes of arrangement.
S 52 false and misleading information regarding the nutritional information on Vitari brand Nestle Dairy Products.
Breach of s53(a) of the Act by representing that sunglasses complied with a particular Australian standard.
Revised undertakings involving Ascot Investment Pty Ltd and Infratil acquisition of Port of Portland, a Victorian company. These revised undertakings have been given as a result of Infratils acquisition of Ascot Investments 50% share of Port Portland.