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Model rules and radio service by-laws in contravention of s. 45. The rules and by-laws were aimed at preventing cab drivers soliciting their own fares by using their mobile phones. An undertaking to rescind the offending rules and by-laws and not to take any action against cab drivers who used mobile phones.
Refusal to supply data by Telstra on reasonable terms, alleged to be a use of market power in breach of s.46. Undertaking to enter into licence agreements with interested 3rd parties for supply of data on terms no less favourable than the Standard Licence Agreement.
Misleading advertisements - disclaimer too small relative to the offer and positioned on the ads so as to be unlikely to register in the minds of consumers. Also, misleading information relating to group plans.
Misleading representations in relation to entitlement to a "cash back" offer for purchasing Stayfree Meds tampons. Compensation to misled consumers and compliance program.