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Withdrawal of undertaking This is the withdrawal of the Undertaking offered by The Greater Union Organisation Pty Ltd (Greater Union) and The Hoyts Corporation Pty Limited (Hoyts) with respect to the joint operation of cinema complexes in the Brisbane CBD at the Regent and Myer Centres.
In September 2005 Repco Limited advertised a '$1 Million Sizzling Sound Sellout' by circulating 3.9 million catalogues to consumers' letterboxes and via in store distribution stands. The sale was advertised as commencing on 8 September 2005 and concluding on 25 September 2005.
GardenWay Nurseries (Qld) Pty Ltd advertised its products in newspapers and on its website, throughout 2004 and into early 2005, by making price comparisons between a “sale” or “liquidation” price for its products and a “previous” or “original” price for the products.