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Unconscionable conduct in relation to supplying a franchisee with a software package without disclosing it had a lock-out code, and asking the franchisee to sign a revised franchise agreement before supplying the password.
Misleading or deceptive conduct in selling advertising in three regional community business and street directories in Tasmania on the basis that substantially more households would receive a directory than actually did, and that the directories were annual when at least one was current for only nine months.
Alleged misleading and deceptive conduct in pricing of refrigerators through the use of the word ‘Now’ in ‘Easter Specials’ promotion, when it was the regular price and there was no actual saving.
Misleading claims on packaging about the actual Omega 3 fatty acids content of Omegga Eggs. Undertaking to cease using the name ‘Safe Eggs’; adopt a standard testing procedure to determine the Omega 3 content of the eggs; cease making misleading health benefits claims; and issue corrective advertising.
Revision to Undertaking previously accepted by the Commission on 7 Mar 1996
Misleading or deceptive conduct in relation to the supply of wool. Undertaking given to pay the Commission’s costs of $100 000 according to a court order.
Misleading claims about the actual content of Omega 3 fatty acids in Megga Eggs. Undertakings given to withdraw Megga Eggs from sale immediately; conduct analysis of the eggs and report the results to the Commission; and ensure that packages and containers did not misrepresent the actual level of Omega 3 fatty acid contained.
Misleading promotion of ‘Phone Saver’ offer to its members.
Promotion of pre-approved credit. Undertaking given to implement corporate compliance program involving key management and operational staff using the Commission’s Best & Fairest package (including three-monthly audits to assess the effectiveness of the compliance program for 12 months).
Misleading and deceptive conduct in the marketing and promotion of its telecommunications reselling service. Undertakings given to: cease engaging in the conduct; send corrective letters to customers; and establish a compliance program.