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Total Aqua Pty Ltd, ("Total Aqua") is incorporated in the State of Western Australia and operates from one outlet located in Perth. Total Aqua supplies the CCI undersink water purifier system. In the Good living section of The Sunday Times on 2 April 2000, Total Aqua caused to be published an advertising feature (the "advertorial") promoting its CCI undersink water purifier system.
Misrepresentation concerning the place of origin of HPM's fluorescent light starters, which bear "Australian Made" and also "Made in India" on the packs. Undertaking given to correct in-store product and offer consumer refunds.
The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) has undertaken to provide access to its EFTPOS and ATM networks on reasonable commercial terms and conditions to new and small financial institutions entering or expanding their operations in Tasmania and regional New South Wales.
The parties were involved in price-fixing and market sharing conduct in the Queensland Fire Protection industry in breach of Sections 45(2)(a)(ii) and 45(2)(b)(ii) of the Trade Practices Act 1974. The companies have agreed to implement a trade practices compliance program and code of conduct for tendering to prevent future contraventions of the Act by company officers, employees or agents.
The City of Canterbury Council required kerb-side collectors of recyclable materials to sell materials to nominated buyers. The ACCC was concerned that this contractual requirement imposed a condition upon kerb-side collectors of recyclable materials to supply other parties in the marketplace, in breach of section 47 of the Trade Practices Act 1974.
Galaxy Imports (NSW) Pty Ltd ("Galaxy") a Sydney based food importer, processor, packager and wholesaler imported olives in bulk from Spain and Greece which it processed by marinating in Australian and imported ingredients, packaged in plastic vacuum 500gm packs and marketed under the brand name "Gina Super Olives" ("Gina").
The Builders Labourers' Federation, QLD Branch ("BLF") and Daryl Kerr, have undertaken not to engage in any conduct in Queensland from which any person is hindered or prevented, or threatened to be hindered or prevented from acquiring or supplying mobile crane hire services for the reason that that person does not have an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement with the BLF or any other union.