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Provided a Trade Practices Compliance Program. Undertakes to use best endeavours to meet obligations under Court orders.
Chubb Fire failed, over the period 1992-1998, to perform some routine inspections and testing of fire alarm systems in Brisbane. Undertakings have been given by Chubb Fire to: compensate affected customers; implement a management control program; and upgrade its Trade Practices Compliance program.
After conducting market inquiries, the ACCC determined that the acquisition of Washington Soul Pattinson's pharmaceutical wholesaling and manufacturing business by API would not substantially affect competition, on the basis that certain Undertakings would be provided by API to the ACCC.
Optus has Undertaken to ensure that it will not publish or broadcast any representation which states or implies the analogue system will shut down in a region unless Optus has reasonable grounds for making that representation.
Auslinx Pty Ltd supplied to retail stores about 28000 units of a particular modem. The modem and its packaging had printed on them the 'A-Tick' mark.
Between 1 July 1993 and 3 December 1998, Independent Fire Sprinklers Pty Ltd and Independent Fire Alarms Pty Ltd failed to carry out some regular inspections of fire protection equipment in Brisbane. Undertakings have been given that they will: Implement proper systems to avoid repeat conduct; Not represent that work was performed, when it wasn't; and Compensate affected customers.
Smorgon has Undertaken to supply foundry grades of ferrous scrap to foundries in Queensland and New South Wales at prices reflecting no greater premium over prices for standard grades of ferrous scrap than the premium paid by Metalcorp's customers in Queensland and New South Wales in 1998 and 1999.
The ACCC investigated a complaint in relation to the promotion of Stern's Playland Pty Ltd above-ground pools as "Australian Made" or "100% Australian Made". It was alleged that three pool models contained mostly imported components.