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ABL is an independent cement and lime producer in Australia, and owns and operates a number of cement facilities throughout Australia. ABL announced its intention to merge its cement and lime business with Rugbys cement and lime operation, Cockburn, by ABL acquiring Cockburn and Rugby acquiring a controlling interest in ABL.
Lay & Sons imported a range of clove cigarettes which did not carry mandatory health warning. Breach of section 65D TPA.
Pirelli Cables agreed to acquire Metal Manufactures' energy cables business. The ACCC indicated that it would take steps to prevent the acquisition unless MM releases BICC from their obligations under their agreement and not enforce any other obligations of BICC.
Cutco placed employment ads in the newspaper that were misleading and deceptive as to whether they were a salary/wage position as compared with a commission position.
SCIA was attempting to acquire control of the only crematoria in Newcastle and the surrounding areas. Therefore SCIA may take advantage of its monopoly position in the provision of cremation services.
Bunnings ran a promotion attaching Do it for Aust Buy Aussie Made price cards to non-Aust made products falsely representing the origin of the products in breach of ss 52 and 53(eb).
s.50 - Market enquiries by the Commission determined that the proposed acquisition by Smorgon of ANI was likely to breach section 50 of the Act. The Commission formed the view that the proposed acquisition would substantially lessen competition in the national market for the manufacture and supply of reinforcement bar.
In January 1999 the Commission expressed concerns about Berri's labelling and advertising of its Frusion products.
EPSON supplies computers within Australia. In June 1997 the Commission raised with EPSON concerns it had about the claimed page per minute print speeds for the EPSON Stylus 400, 600 and 800 inkjet printers.