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Mavjon Investments Pty Ltd, trading as Country Snack Delights, made false representations in relation to its "Muesli & Apricot Slice" and "Fruit Cocktail Slice". These representations were in contravention of ss.
In July 1999 Ray White (Real Estate) Pty Ltd trading as Ray White Investor Services published an advertisement in the July edition of the Express in Townsville. The advertisement promoted the theme of beating the GST and was titled 'Property investors beat GST'.
It was alleged that Brumar Services Pty. Ltd. had failed to pass on the 29 July 1999 reduction of wholesale sales tax from 32% to 22% for their "Aerial" brand watch, in breach of s. 75AU TPA. Brumar undertakes to place point-of-sale corrective advertising, to offer refunds to customers, and to institute a compliance program concerning s.
Gasgo has provided this Undertaking for the purpose of settling Court proceedings instituted against it by the ACCC. Gasgo undertakes not to exercise its pre-emptive right, contained in a gas purchase agreement between Gasgo and the Mereenie Producers, in respect of third party gas sales, in specified circumstances.
One.Tel has provided undertakings in response to ACCC concerns about their reliance on variation clauses to vary its mobile phone customer contracts in breach of TPA Sections 52, 53, 53(g), 51AB. One.Tel undertakes to amend contract, not to vary existing customer contracts, provide refunds, finish TPA compliance program and sign up to ACIF Code.
In April 1999 the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission instituted legal proceedings against Instant Document Retrieval Pty Ltd (IDR), its Director, Mr Earl Eric Woolley and a third party.
It was alleged that Firewatch had supplied and relabelled modified fire extinguishers to a higher rating without the requisite certification for compliance marks to the mandatory standard for the higher rating on the units.
Werribee Motor Traders Pty Ltd trading as Werribee Mitsubishi and Daihatsu advertised on a leaflet "Beat the GST Price Increase" in breach of Sections 52 and 53(e) TPA. Werribee gives the following undertakings: Conduct undertakings; Advertising undertakings; and TP compliance program undertaking.
Beautician's Laser Clinic Pty Ltd (BLC) and its former Director Linda Florence Tait are alleged to have been involved in making misleading or deceptive representations and false representations about performance characteristics, use or benefits of hair removal services in breach of ss.
In July 1999 Tropical Homes (Townsville) Pty Ltd caused two advertisements to be placed within the Townsville Bulletin on Saturday 24 July 1999 and Saturday 31 July 1999. The respective advertisements made the following representations: "Beat the GST Offer!