• 1001 Optical Pty Ltd
  • AJ Eyecare Pty Ltd
  • CNC Eyecare Pty Ltd
  • CT Eyecare Pty Ltd
  • Eyes On Southbank Pty Ltd
  • JSJ Eyecare Pty Ltd
  • KNM Eyecare Pty Ltd
  • SK Eyecare Pty Ltd

Notification number(s)

  • N96537
  • N96538
  • N96539
  • N96540
  • N96541
  • N96542
  • N96543
  • N96544


On 24 January 2013, VSP Global, Inc (VSP) lodged notifications on behalf of the following seven independent optometrists and eye care professionals (IECPs):

1001 Optical Pty Ltd;
AJ Eyecare Pty Ltd;
CNC Eyecare Pty Ltd;
CT Eyecare Pty Ltd;
Eyes On Southbank Pty Ltd;
JSJ Eyecare Pty Ltd; and
KNM Eyecare Pty Ltd.

On 30 January 2013, VSP lodged an additional notification, on behalf of SK Eyecare Pty Ltd.

Each notifying party proposes to offer a discount on the supply of optometry services and related products (such as completed spectacles and contact lenses) to customers on condition that those customers are members of participating health funds, or the employees of the participating health funds.

These notifications were allowed to stand on 30 January 2013.


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