Visa International Service Association - Notification - N31394-N31403 and N91819-N91826


  • ACP Magazines Pty Ltd
  • Andrew McManus Management Pty Ltd
  • GoDo Pty Ltd
  • Hoyts Corporation Pty Ltd The
  • Pinpoint Pty Ltd
  • Red Balloon Days Pty Ltd
  • Sony Australia Pty Limited
  • The Walt Disney Company (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • Ticketek Pty Ltd
  • Visa International Service Association

Notification number(s)

  • N31394
  • N31395
  • N31396
  • N31397
  • N31398
  • N31399
  • N31400
  • N31401
  • N31402
  • N31403
  • N91819
  • N91820
  • N91821
  • N91822
  • N91823
  • N91824
  • N91825
  • N91826


Visa International Service Association proposes to enter into an arrangement with various companies (listed below) whereby VISA Cardholders will have the opportunity to take advantage of offers made by these companies by purchasing the relevant products or services using their VISA Card. The companies are:

- Sony Australia Pty Limited;
- Ticketek Pty Ltd;
- ACP Magazines Pty Ltd;
- Red Balloon Days Pty Ltd;
- GoDo Pty Ltd;
- The Walt Disney Company (Australia) Pty Ltd;
- Andrew McManus Management Pty Ltd;
- Pinpoint Pty Ltd; and
- Hoyts Corporation Pty Ltd.


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