Village Roadshow Theme Parks - Notifications - N95442 & N95443


  • Village Themepark Management Pty Ltd
  • WW Australia Pty Ltd

Notification number(s)

  • N95442
  • N95443


Village Roadshow Theme Parks (VRTP*) proposes to supply, or offer to provide, bonus Theme Park admission tickets (e.g. buy one get one free) or discounted Theme Park admission tickets (e.g. 20% off normal admission price) to members or customers of businesses/companies/associations/organisations that are VRTP Business Partners on the condition that the person produces some form of membership card or purchases or obtains goods, equipment, products or materials from the VRTP Business Partner (or refusing to give such a bonus or discount if same is not provided).

*VRTP manages and/or operates the following theme/amusement parks and entertainment venues at the Gold Coast, QLD:
- Warner Bros. Movie World
- Sea World
- Wet'n' Wild Water World
- Paradise Country
- Australian Outback Spectacular.


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