Velocity Rewards Pty Ltd & Ors - Notifications - N99369 - N99372


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  • Velocity Rewards Pty Ltd
  • Virgin Australia Airlines Holdings Pty Ltd

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  • N99369
  • N99370
  • N99371
  • N99372


Virgin Australia Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries including Velocity Rewards Pty Ltd (who operate the Velocity Frequent Flyer (VFF) program), propose to provide a tier status program to its members which provides certain flight based benefits. The tier status will be awarded as silver, gold or platinum as a result of the members acquiring goods and services from specified partners of Velocity. The conduct is the allocation of (i) status credits to VFF members if they acquire goods or services from a Rewards Partner on certain terms; and (ii) silver, gold or platinum tier status to VFF members.

In addition to this, members of the Velocity Frequent Flyer programs who are also a member of a program with any partner of Velocity (Rewards Partners) can earn Velocity Frequent Flyer points by redeeming their Rewards Partner Program points for Frequent Flyer points.


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