UBS Securities Australia Ltd and UBS AG - Notification N31357 N31358


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  • N31357
  • N31358


The notifications relate to a new financial product to be offered by UBS Securities: the Derivative Equity and Loan Trading Account (DELTA). DELTA is an account with a loan facility that enables investors to invest in approved securities and options. This product is designed to allow an investor to implement a strategy through UBS Securities using their own funds combined with funds borrowed from UBS Securities. Certain restrictions apply.

UBS Securities and UBS, together, propose to offer the DELTA product on condition that an investor establishes a DELTA Cash Management Trust (DELTA CMT) provided by UBS Global Asset Management (Australia) Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of UBS. To open a DELTA, the client will be required to enter into an agreement with both UBS (who will provide the loan) and UBS Securities (who will deal in securities on behalf of the client).


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