Uber B.V. - Notification - N98252


  • Uber B.V.

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  • N98252


Transportation 'app' provider Uber will offer each New Uber User a credit of up to $20 to use towards one ride in Australia during a specified period, to certain Ticketek customers as described below. A New Uber User is an individual who downloads the Uber application, creates a user account, enters a promotional code and completes at least one ride using the Uber app in Australia within a certain period. The user gets a promotional code by
- Completing a purchase of tickets or other goods or services on the Ticketek platform during the specified promotional period and
- Consenting to receive third party marketing communications from Ticketek.
The Promotional period is for two months 'from the effective date of the Promotion Agreement between Uber and Ticketek which may be extended upon mutual agreement between the parties'.


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