TSG Franchise Management Pty Ltd - Notification - N99319


  • TSG Franchise Management Pty Ltd

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  • N99319


TSG Franchises will be granted to TSG Franchisees by TSG Franchise Management Pty Ltd on the condition, among other things, that they agree to:

-use certain Goods and Services nominated by TSG from time to time in the conduct of the Franchised Business; and

-only acquire those Goods and Services from Approved Suppliers.

'Goods' include: Tobacco (cigarettes, cigars, pipes) and tobacco related accessories (such as lighters, filters, papers and smoking paraphernalia), soft drink, confectionary and ice cream, giftware and souvenirs, telecommunications equipment, computer systems and point of sale hardware, furniture, dispensing equipment and other miscellaneous items used in the packaging and presentation of the goods sold in the Franchised Business.

'Services' include such services as TSG Franchisees are required to acquire from third party service providers including shop fitout services, industrial relations consultancy services, information technology services, including point of sale system software, insurance brokerage services, internet services, lease negotiation services, security services, power and gas services.


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