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  • N95731


Travel Insurance Partners Pty Ltd (TIP), as agent for Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) PLC trading as Great Lakes Australia, proposes to offer insurance services to customers and employees of Medibank on the condition that they are members of Medibank's health benefits services.

TIP holds the intellectual property rights in the insurance product and also, by arrangement with Great Lakes, provides the supporting services for the insurance such as customer service, claims management, policy amendments and administration. TIP, acting as agent for Great Lakes, will also arrange for the contracts to be established by providing the means by which policies are sold. It does this by establishing business relationships with businesses such as Medibank and by providing the policy issuing systems by which the insurance policies are sold.

The TIP notification is related to a notification lodged by Great Lakes -which have been considered separately - N95728 (Trackit 48204)


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