Tasmanian Networks Pty Ltd - Notification - N98805


  • Tasmanian Networks Pty Ltd

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  • N98805


Tasmanian Networks Pty Ltd is proposing to supply connection services to customers on conditions that:

(i) customers acquire network design and construction services from services providers that have been accredited by TasNetworks to perform the relevant type of work;
(ii) customers acquire certain materials used in electricity distribution networks as follows:
A. Consumable Materials: any materials that comply with the relevant specification or Australian Standard
B. Approved Materials: TasNetworks will develop a list of approved products that have been assessed to be of sufficient quality and compatible with the distribution network.
C. Prescribed Materials: TasNetworks requires a single standardised product to be used to facilitate efficiency in:
i. asset strategy and planning requirements
ii. spares holding, and
iii. staff training requirements.
and mitigate potential safety risks regarding operational staff working with unfamiliar equipment.


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