Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd & Swiss Re Life & Health Australia Limited - Notifications - N95549 & N95550


  • Swiss Re Life & Health Australia Limited
  • Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd

Notification number(s)

  • N95549
  • N95550


Swiss Re proposes to enter into two related alliances with Woolworths and Hollard under which Swiss Re will offer to provide services to customers by issuing general insurance and life insurance policies bearing a Woolworths brand.

Swiss Re will offer to provide benefits (such as entitlements to discounts on premiums payable in relation to a Woolworths branded insurance product or accrual of points redeemable for certain goods/services, vouchers and/or entitlement to discounts, special gift offers or bonus offers) to persons on condition that such persons acquire services from Woolworths and/or particular Woolworths branded insurance products from Hollard. Swiss Re will not supply benefits to persons who have not acquired services from Woolworths and/or Woolworths branded insurance services from Hollard.


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