• Ballarat Solar Park Pty Ltd
  • Bendigo Solar Park Pty Ltd
  • Sustainable Regional Australia Pty Ltd

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SRA, Bendigo Solar Park and Ballarat Solar Park proposes to offer electricity consumers in central Victoria the opportunity to join the Central Victorian Solar City Project and receive the bonus payments associated with this on condition that they acquire from Origin Energy one or more of the following products:

-a retail supply agreement that will apply a demand based tariff, comprising either a `Critical Peak Pricing' component or a `Time of Use' component (available in the Smart Rates Package and the Full Suite Package product offerings)
-a solar hot water system (available in the Solar Hot Water Package and the Full Suite Package product offerings) or
-the supply of a roof mounted 2 kilowatt photovoltaic solar panel system (comprising of the Household Solar Package and the Full Suite Package product offerings).

The bonus payment paid to each customer will depend on the particular product package they have chosen but in most cases will equate to $300 for signing up to the program and $250 should they remain in the program until 30 June 2013.


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