• Sumitomo Rubber Australia Pty Ltd

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  • N98143


Sumitomo Rubber Australia Pty Ltd (Sumitomo) as franchisor will require City Discount Tyres franchisees to acquire waste tyre and automotive parts disposal of end-of-life products from a supplier nominated by Sumitomo. Sumitomo may then enter into a service or collection agreement with a reputable scrap tyre and automotive waste service provider to collect, transport and dispose of end-of-life tyres or other waste from all City Discount Tyre franchises on a negotiated price per unit basis payable directly by franchisees.
Similar conduct involving City Discount Tyres franchisees (operating under the brands City Discount Tyres, Ian Diffen City Discount Tyres and Marks & Wallings City Discount Tyres) has previously been notified by Summit Tyres Australia Pty Ltd (Summit). The current notification is as a result of Sumitomo's proposed acquisition of the franchising business and related assets of Summit.


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