Stockland Development (Sub 5) Pty Limited & Ors - Notifications - N93607 - N93610


  • Stockland (Boardwalk Sub2) Pty Limited
  • Stockland Bells Creek Pty Limited
  • Stockland Development (Sub3) Pty Limited
  • Stockland Development (Sub5) Pty Limited

Notification number(s)

  • N93607
  • N93608
  • N93609
  • N93610


The ACCC received exclusive dealing notifications from Stockland Bells Creek Pty Limited, Stockland (Boardwalk Sub2) Pty Ltd, Stockland Development (Sub3) Pty Limited and Stockland Development (Sub 5) Pty Limited.

Each notification involves Stockland proposing to supply residential lots to customers or to give or allow a discount, allowance, rebate or credit in respect of selected residential lots to customers, on condition that the customer acquires services from a specified builder or from a group of specified builders.

The specific residential developments are:

1. Caloundra Downs (Northern NSW)
2. The Boardwalk (Mount Coolum, Qld)
3. Hundred Hills (Murwillumbah, Qld)
4. Freshwater (Griffin, Qld)


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