Stockland Development Pty Ltd & related companies - Notifications - N31412-N31424 & N31444-N31445


  • Caloundra Downs Pty Limited
  • Lensworth Glenmore Park Limited
  • North Whitfords Estates Pty Ltd
  • Stockland Buddina Pty Ltd
  • Stockland Development (Holdings No 1) Pty Ltd
  • Stockland Development Pty Limited
  • Stockland Highlands Pty Ltd
  • Stockland Kawana Waters Pty Ltd
  • Stockland Lake Doonella Pty Ltd
  • Stockland North Lakes Development Pty Ltd
  • Stockland North Lakes Pty Limited
  • Stockland South Beach Pty Limited
  • Stockland WA (Estates) Pty Limited
  • Stockland WA Development Pty Limited
  • Stockland Wallarah Peninsula Pty Ltd

Notification number(s)

  • N31412
  • N31413
  • N31414
  • N31415
  • N31416
  • N31417
  • N31418
  • N31419
  • N31420
  • N31421
  • N31422
  • N31423
  • N31424
  • N31444
  • N31445


Stockland Development Pty Limited and its related companies propose to supply residential lots to customers or give or allow a discount, allowance, rebate or credit in respect of selected residential lots to customers on condition that the consumer acquires services from a specified builder or from one of group of specified builders.