• St Vincent's Private Hospital

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  • N93645


St Vincent's Private Hospital (SV Private) proposes, in most cases, to require that as a pre-condition to accreditation at SV Private, anaesthetists must first be accredited to St Vincent's Public Hospital.

On 22 December 2008 St Vincent's Private Hospital withdrew the notification. Immunity conferred by the notification ceased on 22 December 2008.


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Document title Date
Blake Dawson to ACCC re Provision of Further Information
Dr Ian Stevenson
Dr Roger Levy
Dr R J Cammack
Dr Joanna Rae Sutherland
[name withheld]
[name withheld]
Dr Michael W.D Levitt
Dr Lindsay John McBride
[name withheld]
Dr Ian Woodforth
Dr Stephen Klugman
[name withheld]
[name withheld]
Australian Society of Anaesthetists
[name withheld]
[name withheld]
Dr Nichalas Robson
W J McMeniman
Dr Brian Pezzutti
Dr Paul Ferris
Dr David Bollinger
Dr Murray Selig
Dr Michael Mersiades
[name withheld]
Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
Australian Medical Association (NSW) Limited
[name withheld]
[name withheld]
NSW Department of Health
Dr William Herlihy
STV Private Anaesthetists' Department Inc
[name withheld]
[name withheld]
Blake Dawson to ACCC re Withdrawal of Notification
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