Seal-A-Fridge Pty Ltd & Ors - Notifications - N50197-N50199 & N92676


  • Nigel John Rooney
  • Nigel John Rooney and Linda Ann Rooney
  • Seal-A-Fridge Pty Ltd

Notification number(s)

  • N50197
  • N50198
  • N50199
  • N92676


The notifications detail a proposed arrangement whereby Seal-A-Fridge franchisees are required to acquire PVC extrusion and flexible magnet products from Seal-A-Fridge Pty Ltd (N50196) or nominated approved suppliers (N50197, N50198, N50199 and N92676).

On 13 September 2007, the ACCC issued notices revoking third line forcing notifications N50197, N50198, N50199 and N92676 lodged by the Seal-A-Fridge franchisors.

The ACCC does not propose to take any further action in respect of notification N50196 at this time.


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