Saville Australia Pty Ltd & Keyset Pty Ltd - Notifications - N93587 - N93588


  • Keyset Pty Ltd
  • Saville Australia Pty Ltd

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  • N93587
  • N93588


Saville Australia Pty Ltd is the project manager for land owned by Keyset Pty Ltd. Together, the two companies are referred to as Saville.

Saville proposed to offer for sale, or offer for sale at a particular price or with a particular discount, allowance, rebate or credit, 44 residential lots of land in the Waikiki Blue development on condition that purchasers enter into a contract with a builder nominated by Saville to construct a house on the lots (House and Land Package).
The Waikiki Blue development is located in Safety Bay, Perth metropolitan area.

The conduct was allowed to stand on 26 September 2008.


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