Royal Automobile Associaton of South Australia Inc and others Notifications N91340 to N91352


  • Bridgestone Australia Ltd
  • Cellarmaster Wines Pty Ltd
  • Marcellina Franchises Pty Ltd
  • O'Brien Glass Ind Ltd
  • Rabbit Photo Pty Ltd
  • Royal Automobile Association of South Australia Inc
  • SH and CA Bennett Pty Ltd
  • Thrifty Australia Pty Ltd
  • Tourism Holdings Australia Pty Ltd
  • Trims Finance Co Pty Ltd
  • Truscott Electronics Pty Ltd
  • Universal Publishers Pty Ltd
  • WP Crowhurst Pty Ltd

Notification number(s)

  • N91340
  • N91341
  • N91342
  • N91343
  • N91344
  • N91345
  • N91346
  • N91347
  • N91348
  • N91349
  • N91350
  • N91351
  • N91352


Royal Automobile Association of South Australia Inc. (RAA), Bridgestone Australia Ltd, Tourism Holdings Australia Pty Ltd, Cellarmaster Wines Pty Ltd, SM and CA Bennett Pty Ltd, Marcellina Franchises Pty Ltd, WP Crowhurst Pty Ltd, Trims Finance Co Pty Ltd, Thrifty Australia Pty Ltd, Truscott Electronics Pty Ltd, Universal Publishers Pty Ltd, Rabbit Photo Pty Ltd, O'Brien Glass Ind Ltd lodged notifications for the supply of benefits and discounts to RAA members upon presentation of an RAA Membership card at retail outlet or upon quotation of an RAA Membership number for phone or web orders. RAA will also offer benefits and discounts exclusively to Members through its own retail products and will promote the Retail Partners and their offers to RAA Members.


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