Racing Victoria Limited - Notification - N99975


  • Racing Victoria Limited

Notification number(s)

  • N99975


Racing Victoria has the authority to grant 'publication and use approvals' to a wagering service provider to publish or cause to be published, use or otherwise make available, race fields relating to Victorian thoroughbred horse races. Racing Victoria can impose conditions on publication and use approvals. It has published Standard Conditions of Approval, which apply to all publication and use approvals. Racing Victoria proposes to amend the Standard Conditions of Approval so that it is a condition of each publication and use approval that all Victorian thoroughbred race fields used or published by a wagering and service provider, which has been granted an approval, are supplied by an approved supplier. Racing Australia Limited, Australian Associated Press Pty Ltd or Live Datacast Pty Ltd are approved suppliers.

The ACCC has decided to take no further action in relation to this notification and allowed it to stand. Legal protection provided by the notification will continue unless or until the ACCC revokes the notification or it is withdrawn.


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