RAC Motoring Pty Ltd & Club Assist Pty Ltd - Notifications - N95662 & N95663


  • Club Assist Pty Ltd
  • RAC Motoring Pty Ltd

Notification number(s)

  • N95662
  • N95663


RACM and Club Assist have entered a Battery Supply Agreement for a period of two years. Batteries are defined as batteries for automotive passenger vehicles, light trucks and commercial vehicles, motor cycles and marine and deep cycles. RACM will give Club Assist a licence to permit Club Assist to use RACM's intellectual property for the sole purpose of supplying batteries to it under the Battery Supply Agreement.

N95662 - Club Assist Pty Ltd

Under the Battery Supply Agreement, Club Assist proposes to supply batteries that are marked as RAC Batteries to RACM on condition that RACM does not acquire batteries from any other person.

N95663 -RAC Motoring Pty Ltd

Under the Battery Supply Agreement referred to above, RACM will acquire batteries that are marked as RAC batteries from Club Assist on the condition that Club Assist does not supply batteries to any retail business without RACM's prior written approval. A retail business is defined as a person who acquires or wishes to acquire a battery for the purpose of on-selling the battery to another person in Western Australia.


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