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  • N96205


Qube Logistics (Aust) Pty Ltd (Qube) manages the storage, maintenance and handling of container park facilities across Australia. To manage container movements to and from Qube's container parks, Qube will require container transport operators to use a booking system administered by Containerchain Pty Ltd (Containerchain). Container transport operators will enter their details in Containerchain's system to obtain a time slot for the container transport operator to drop off and pick up their shipping containers. The container transport operator will pay a booking fee for this service. The Containerchain system requires container transport operators to have an active commercial account with Containerchain in order to be able to lodge a notification through the Containerchain website (www.containerchain.com) prior to pick up or drop off of containers at a facility.

Currently Qube operates the following empty container parks:
a. Qube Port Botany Empty Container Park (NSW)
b. Qubelink Port Botany (NSW)
c. Qube Central (WA)
d. Qube Irene (WA)
e. Qube MCD (WA)
f. Qube Tydeman (WA)
g. Brisbane Port Empty Park (Qld)
h. Dynon Empty Park (Vic)
i. Outer Harbour Empty Park (SA)


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