News Limited & Ors - Notifications - N98207 - N98212


  • Advertiser Newspapers Pty Ltd
  • Nationwide News Pty Limited
  • News Digital Media Pty Limited
  • News Limited
  • Queensland Newspapers Pty Ltd
  • The Herald & Weekly Times Pty Limited

Notification number(s)

  • N98207
  • N98208
  • N98209
  • N98210
  • N98211
  • N98212


The News Entities will offer to supply discounted news and information (digital and/or print format) subscriptions to persons on condition that they have a relevant relationship with a specific third party promotional partner of any of the News Entities, being either:
(i) A member of a loyalty program operated by a promotional partner of the News Entities, or
(ii) A customer of a promotional partner of the News Entities (whether by attending an event of the promotional partner or otherwise).

Notification allowed to stand on 16 April 2015.


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