NewQuay Nordal and Marina, NewQuay Stage 2, and Nolan Tower - Notification - N40585-7


  • NewQuay Nodal and Marina Pty Ltd
  • NewQuay Stage 2 Pty Ltd
  • Nolan Tower Pty Ltd
  • Windsor Storage Pty Ltd t/a Precinct Management Services PMS

Notification number(s)

  • N40585
  • N40586
  • N40587


NewQuay Nordal and Marina Pty Ltd, NewQuay Stage 2 Pty ltd, and Nolan Tower Pty Ltd lodged notifications in relation to the sale of Retail Properties to purchasers on they condition they:
comply with various covenants and other obligations relating to the terms on which pruchasers lease or operate the Retail Properties;
acquire the property management services of Precinct Management Services (PMS) in accordance with a Property Management Agreement for a term of 7 years with a further 3 year option; and
agree that they will novate the Property Management Agreement to any subsequent purchaser for the unexpired term of that agreement, if they sell the Property.