National Aust Bank, National Margin Services, NMS Nominees, Your Prosperity, National Online Trading


  • Allianz Australia Insurance Limited
  • National Australia Bank Limited
  • National Online Trading Limited
  • Your Prosperity Limited

Notification number(s)

  • N40450
  • N40451
  • N40452
  • N40453


Also includes Allianz Aust Insurance
National Australia Bank Ltd lodged a notification (N40450) in relation to the offer of its Margin Lending product to customres provided that customers appoint National Margin Services Pty Ltd as their CHESS sponsor and/or NMS Nominees Pty Ltd as their nominee.
Your Prosperity Ltd, National Online Trading Ltd and Allianz Australia Insurance Ltd lodged notifications in relation to the offer of discounts from Your Prosperity and Allianz on standard fees and charges relating to their respective products to customers who have a specified level of borrowing from the National Australia Bank.


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