Mirvac Homes (NSW) Pty Limited - Notification - N92983


  • Mirvac Homes (NSW) Pty Limited

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  • N92983


Mirvac Homes proposes to sell up to 399 residential parcels of land located at Gillieston Heights, NSW on condition that purchasers enter into a contract with GridX Power Pty Ltd, under which GridX will supply electricity to the home owner and may also supply hot water and climate control water to the home owner.

Mirvac Homes will not be legally imposing this condition through the sale contract but considers that the condition may be inferred from its conduct by:
a) recommending that purchasers acquire these services from GridX; and
b) a prospective purchaser not wishing to acquire goods or services from GridX will be faced with cost and practical difficulties to be connected to the main grid.


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