Michael Coppel & Visa International Service Association - Notifications - N31410 & N31411


  • Michel Coppel
  • Visa International Service Association

Notification number(s)

  • N31410
  • N31411


Michael Coppel and Visa International Service Association propose to jointly promote Jamiroquai Concerts and provide VISA cardholders 2 weeks exclusive access through its ticketing agent(s) to tickets for the concerts prior to the general public via the public box office release. VISA cardholders will be able to purchase advance tickets over the internet via a VISA-hosted website which will click through to the promoter?s ticketing agent(s) website on condition that the cardholder pays for the tickets using their VISA card. The purchase price of the tickets will be debited by the member financial institution that issued the relevant card to the cardholders account with that financial institution.


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