Lot 1B Pty Ltd - Notification - N94917


  • Lot 1B Pty Ltd

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  • N94917


Lot 1 B Pty Ltd is the registered proprietor of the Quay Towers which include less than five retail properties located in the NewQuay precint of the Melbourne Docklands area (the "Retail Properties"). Lot 1 B Pty Ltd proposes to sell or offer for sale the Retail Properties (l) to purchasers on condition that purchasers:

i. comply with various covenants and other obligations relating to the terms on which purchasers lease or operate the Retail Properties

ii. acquire the property management services of Precinct Management Services (PMS) in accordance with a Property Management Agreement for a term of 3 years with a further 3 year option (the "Property Management Agreement"), and

iii. agree that they will novate the Property Management Agreement to any subsequent purchaser for the unexpired term of the agreement (if any), if they sell the property.


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