Lendlease Communities (Blakeview) Pty Ltd - Notifications - N99924 - N99928


  • Lendlease Communities (Blakeview) Pty Ltd

Notification number(s)

  • N99924
  • N99925
  • N99926
  • N99927
  • N99928


Lendlease (as vendor) will only agree to sell a proposed allotment to a potential purchaser on the condition that the purchaser enters into a certain building contract with one of:

- Simonds SA Pty Ltd ACN 143 563 900 (Simonds) (N99924);
- Rivergum Homes Pty Ltd ACN 065 466 337 (Rivergum) (N99925);
- Metricon Homes Pty Ltd ACN 005 108 752 (Metricon) (N99926);
- Hickinbotham Homes Pty Ltd ACN 007 618 797 (Hickinbotham) (N99927); or
- Burbank Land Corporation Pty Ltd (Burbank) (N99928)

as the builder whereby Simonds, or Rivergum, or Metricon, or Hickinbotham, or Burbank will undertake the construction of a residential dwelling on the relevant allotment (as per the specific notification N99924 - N99928) in accordance with the building contract and the plans, drawings and specification attached to it.


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