Lend Lease Communities (Blakeview) Pty Ltd - Notification - N98908


  • Lend Lease Communities (Blakeview) Pty Ltd

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  • N98908


Lend Lease Communities proposes to enter into a contract with Simonds SA Pty Ltd, including an option to purchase allotments in Blakes Crossing, on condition that Simonds agrees it will not make any use nor permit or authorise any advertising or marketing of the allotments outside of specified States and Territories (being NT, ACT, Vic, NSW, QLD, WA, Tas) and must not knowingly offer to sell the allotments to any person outside of the specified States or Territories or nominate any person outside of these States and Territories as its nominee. This restriction is subject to a limited exception lifting the aforementioned restriction for no more than 5 of the allotments as and from 3 months before the call option expiry date.

The proposed conduct may amount to full line forcing (s47(2) and s47(3) of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth)).


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